Employment equity in South Africa encourages businesses to hire a much more diverse population in their organization.

Employment equity in South Africa encourages businesses to hire a much more diverse population in their organization. In this country in particular, there is the dreaded history where minorities were not able to get jobs or succeed in the workplace, simply because of their demographic. The government has set its course on righting these wrongs and is taking the matter very seriously. Employment equity has been made into legislation and any company found not following the regulations put forth, will be heavily fined. There is no need for big changes to happen within the business. There would just need to be a committee of people to oversee employment equity within the company.

These people would need to have an understanding of the law and also keep up with any changes. This is highly achievable with an employment equity training course. These courses are designed to tackle both of these issues, so the company would only book into one that meets their needs. If the committee is fairly new then the introductory employment equity training course will need to be done first. Here, they will learn about the law, how it will affect the company and the repercussions for the country. Employment equity training will show these committee members which demographics to hire from, for example disabled or people of colour. Historically, these are the groups that have found it difficult to find work. Employment equity serves to right this wrong of society. There may be issues that will arise in the company so the employment equity training will also teach how to handle these unique situations.


The advanced part of the employment equity training course deals with the actual implementation of the introductory course into the business. The committee will learn how to select workers to meet the demands of the employment equity law. Furthermore, this part seeks to keep the committee at the forefront of any changes in the law. It does change each year, and so it is recommended that the committee actually book into this part of the employment equity training programme around once a year. Not applying the changes within a company will also lead to fines. The employment equity training programme can be done off site or at the business premises itself. It would depend on how many delegates will be participating.

A bonus of successfully implementing the employment equity act into the company is the BEE points that will be scored. Employment equity counts for a significant portion of the total score and all businesses would have to do is simply hire the right people. Doing an employment equity training course with the right partner is beneficial in that help will be given in setting up the strategies that the company will be taking to achieve equality in the workplace. The correct training partner will also assess the company and pinpoint any barriers that is holding the company back from fully upholding employment equity laws. Here is also a greater chance of passing an employment equity audit.