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Sites Where Musicians Can Host Their Songs and Grow Their Fan Base. Music can be posted and shared on Facebook. Social media where many people interact is called Facebook. Once you have your song, you can upload it to your Facebook page and share it with friends. Friends will download it and listens to it and in turn share it with their other friends. The cycle is going to continue as long as it can and from this you can find that your songs are being listened to by thousands of people within a period of one day or even some hours. apart from that you can create a page specifically for uploading your latest tracks so that your fans can find them and looks to them. This going to enable you to enlarge your fan base and with time you will become famous. YouTube is an also an excellent place to share your songs. YouTube is one of the most popular search engines on earth. It has very many viewers because of its reliability you can easily find the song you want. YouTube works with an account, without an account there is no way you can upload the songs. When people hear about your song somewhere may be from a friend the first place they will search for you is YouTube. Apart from that people can like your songs in the YouTube and as you get many likes you also become famous in the process. The viewers can also listen to your songs and in turn share them with this social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and this helps you grow your fan base.
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Radio stations and Television channels is also a better place to share your music. The Radio and TV channels will help you by playing the Mp3 and video songs you have supplied them with. Once they play them a lot of people will start looking for you wanting to know you. You can even organize for an interview with one of the radio stations or TV channels and them about you music. A single meeting will enough give you more than 10,000 fans. This Web sites include; Bandcamp, Last.FM, Blip.fm, the sixty-one, MySpace, Sound cloud and even Pandoro. The online music sites supports the upcoming artist by giving the opportunity to upload their music and also help them grow fans. The artists are not paying even a dime in the uploading and listening to their songs. Due to a huge fan base and free charges on listening to the songs, the song and the artist are going to become famous. Even if you visit the site a thousand times, you will not be charged.