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Basics of Product Testing Processes

Industries make most of the products we use in our lives. Examples of products we use in our day to day lives made from industries include drugs, foods, cosmetics, electronic goods, hardware among many others. These products are made from different raw materials. Having been manufactured from different sources, the effects of these products to the environment might be unknown. This reason has made it necessary for al consumer products to be tested before use.

The other names of product testing are comparative testing or consumer testing. Product testing involves doing a number of tests on products before they can be released to the public for use. Since sometimes it is impossible to test every product, a representative sample is used for testing. Performance of the samples in the tests is taken as the overall results of the tests of the whole product batch. Products that make it to the market have already undergone a number of tests. What then are some of the tests done on products?

Firstly, there are a series of tests done specifically for products like food, drugs and cosmetics. Before being tested on humans, the products are first tested on animals. A manufacturer testing any product on any animals has to give an assurance of protecting the test animals. The other assumption made is that effects of the product on the animals will be similar to those exhibited by humans. Two tests, dermal and oral, are given to the animal. For testing the effects of the products on humans or animals when ingested, the manufacturer administers oral tests. The other tests are dermal tests which are performed on animals to test the effect of the products on the skin of the users. If a product passes animal tests, it can then be done on human subjects.

For products that we do not consume, the tests are not done on animals. Examples of products in this category include vehicles mobile devices, televisions, utensils and many more. These products have tests based on their expected uses. The tests are conducted in simulated environments. Stresses and all other dynamics that are bound to face the product in real life scenarios are created artificially and imposed on the product. Light, noise, wind, vibrations and other stresses are examples of the test parameters used to test these products.

The final tests before the release of any product for use are the environmental tests. Environmental tests are done to assess the effects of the product or its resides on the environment. How quickly the product decomposes and the chemicals it releases to the environment are tests that have to be done on any product before release. A product cannot be released for use if it fails in this area.

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