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Got Extra Test Strips – Sell Them

Have you been wondering if you can sell your test strips to others? Answer in the positive and take comfort in the thought that numerous diabetics simply do not realize that they can get cash for diabetic test strips especially the ones they no longer need, will not be using anymore, or have no idea what exactly they would do with them rather than consider discarding them which would be a total waste – to say the least.

Do not be surprised if you will hear about the fact that, most diabetic patients have plenty of extra strips in their medicine kit and cabinets – this is for them to be sure that they have something to use in case of emergencies. There are also those who needed to switch to alternate brand may be because the one that they have are no longer suited for their current condition, or perhaps the meter they have is busted already. Aside from that, there are also cases wherein some patients purchase different brands and then try and test them first to see which ones they would like, and then the others are either given away or left to gather dust (which is something that you would want to avoid if you can still put the extra strips to good use). Regardless of the reasons why they have something extra on hand that they intend to sell, what is real is the fact that almost every diabetic person ought to have their own set of strips and units to use in order to monitor and continuously check their blood glucose levels. In all honesty, opting to get cash for test strips is relatively a better choice rather than tossing an impeccable box of diabetic test strips in the trash.

So whatever your reasons maybe – from switching to a new brand, ordering a whole parcel and ending up selecting only a few, down to not actually testing quite as often as needed, take comfort in the thought that you can arrange to sell your test strips and get cash for it in the process.

Still, for you to be sure that you are not violating any laws once you sell your test strips, there are somethings you should ensure.

First off, the boxes of the strips ought to still be sealed and unexpired. Another plus points here is the fact that, since the strips are already available on hand, your buyer will be able to scrutinize and check its condition which means that they are assured of the quality of the strips they are buying, yet at a relatively cheaper rate than if they had ordered it from pharmacies or medical outlets. Thirdly, ensure that the boxes are still of impeccable and brand-new condition for you to get the most offers from interested purchasers. Last but not the least, there are respectable purchasers on the web that you can offer your strips to for cash.

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